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The Xbox 360 slim or Xbox 360 S is the latest video game console produced by Microsoft presented on June 2010.

The new Xbox 360 S is slimmer and much more quieter than the old models and it features a new wi-fi 802.11 B/G/N and the optical audio Toslink S/PDIF to offer users digital audio and wireless connection with no need of external adapters.

In addition the Xbox 360 slim has five USB ports compared to 3 on the older models and a special port for the Kinect sensor.

The major hardwares changes include:

  • USB flash drive connection instead of the old memory slots, which makes it easier to pass your old games from your older model to the new one.
  • New touch sensitive buttons for the power and for ejecting the DVD.
  • Better heat ventilation system by replacing the two small fans of the older models with a single larger one and with the addition of the vents similar to those of the original Xbox.
  • Internal bay for a proprietary hard drive instead of the old external hard drive connection. To note that the new proprietary hard drive is not compatible with the older models and is not a standard drive.

The new Xbox 360 slim is available in two versions, both black, one with a 250GB removable hard drive allowing users to burn their games video and music and the other one with 4 GB internal flash drive and respectively gloss and matt finish. However the Xbox 360 4 GB has a drive bay for the proprietary hard drive in case one decide  to upgrade at a later date, which would cost $129.

If you’ve never owned a video game console before, the new Xbox 360 Slim is the best video game console around! For about $299 for the 250 GB and $199 for the 4 GB, you can get basically everything you need to have endless fun! In addition  Amazon has the best deals on games from $10 to $20.

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